14. Dear Daughter, Remember... - £5

Based on stories of Biblical women and their varied experiences, this book seeks to show modern day daughters of Zion, that whatever negative character trait they are faced with, there is a remedy for it in a saving relationship with Christ. He has done it for others despite and can do it for us. We are reconciled to God our Heavenly Father, through Jesus and when we are under the press, He is always speaking loving, healing words to us. He sees all that we are faced with and can give us victory over our worst enemy, which is ourselves, if we let Him in, otherwise our end will be dire.


13. Stepping Stones to a Deeper Faith - £4

This is based on a study of the end of Genesis and the book of Exodus. Extracted from the lives and experiences of certain Bible characters, these short inspirational bites will connect with your body, soul and spirit to affirm and deepen your faith


12. Minibook Prayer Series (A5) - £3

The Sanctuary Prayer, a Step by Step into the Most Holy 

Put on Christ's Armour and Apply His Blood

Pray Without Ceasing: The Eight Watches

Speak God's Word for Healing - compilation

The above prayers are  meagre versions of the ones found in the Like a Tree Planted Prayer Manual, which have been revised for quicker access.


11. Health Revolution Bounce Back Recipes - £10

This recipe book accompanies the Bounce Back Health Journal by providing simple vegan recipes to help in your transition from animal products to animal free alternatives


10. Health Revolution Bounce Back Journal - £10

This is a health journal that helps to organise you with gym training and exercise; doctor's visit, spa visits; shares tips on various common ailments and how to treat. Do you wish to plan a time of fasting and follow a weight loss course, this little pocket resource will support you in all your planning. it is accompanied by a vegan recipe book.


9. Like A Tree Planted Series


Like A Tree Planted Prayer Manual  - Daily Prayer Formulae for the Evergreen Christian, a 147 page  book. You will never find a prayer manual like this anywhere. it has a prayer for every part of the day, which includes praying through the sanctuary; The Armour Prayer; Midday prayer, Evening prayer, Praying through the night watches

Like A Tree Planted Prayer Companion -  Daily Prayer Journal for the Evergreen Christian, a 468 page journal to get you praying for others and yourself daily and consistently. 

Like A Tree Planted Study Companion - Daily Study Journal for the Evergreen Christian, a 404 page journal to record your bible study notes.


8. Spiritual Warfare Compilation Series

Spiritual Warfare Kit Manual, a 158 page compilation of your introduction to Spiritual Warfare. Topics include: The power of thoughts; Removing demonic homes; God's authority; identifying strongholds; Deliverance; Binding & Loosing; Your spiritual authority; Can a Christian have a demon and much more

Spiritual Warfare Prayer Booklet, a 116 page compilation of powerful Spiritual Warfare prayers; Circumcise thoughts prayer; Before deliverance prayer; Christian healing prayers; The Armour prayer; Prayer for financial restoration; Breaking soul ties;; Breaking Generational Curses; Prayers to break free from various cults; Prayer to release from witchcraft; Prayer against cancer; Prayer of renunciation from the Jezebel Spirit and much more

Spiritual Warfare Tool-Kit, an 87 page compilation of vital information for those who are ready to take their calling as a soldier in God's army seriously. All the information you need to 'Fight the good fight of faith;' Terms and phrases that you need to be familiar with such as 'legal rights,' 'soul ties,' demonic vows' self-curses,' There is a very useful Deliverance Questionnaire; Spiritual weapon information; Healing Scriptures; Our offensive weapons and much more

Shirley's Daily Prayer Book, a 71 page compilation of my personal prayer tools. I enhance my prayer life through using 'The Sanctuary prayer everyday to pray in the morning and the Armour prayer; I have a list of daily confessions and declarations; My weekly prayer rota with promises for each situation and groups with many healing scriptures

7. Bag-O-Promises & Bag-O-Praise - £6 each

Bag-O-Promises, over 300 promises laid out on quality scrolled parchment for your claiming. Want to know what God has to say to you daily? Then purchase one of our bags (128 scrolls) and hear the Word of the Lord. Take that promise with you for meditation and see how your life will change. His word will not return to Him void but will achieve the purpose for which it is sent.

Bag-O-Praise, over 200 verses of praise laid out on quality scrolled parchment for your worship moments. Want to increase your knowledge and practise of praising God? Then purchase or order a set of our bags and praise the Lord. This will cultivate a cheerful spirit and change your life. 'Let everything that have breath praise the Lord!'


Fear Thou Not' Music CD (Incomplete)

God has done it again and this new CD by Shirley Grant is a collection of precious scripture verses which have been adapted into beautiful songs that will not only lift, inspire and encourage, but will increase your memorisation of God's edifying Word.

6.'Sing Unto the Lord a New Song' book - (Limited copies, exchange by donation)

This is a compilation songbook of a variety of songs:- choruses, hymns, praise & worship etc., that will take you back in time and stir your spirit with joy as you sing. A collection of praise and worship songs have been added to give you a full variety of praise, mixed with selected hymns and refreshing oldies. There is even a children's section. No one is excluded. Grab your copy and experience a new level of joy in your worship session as your heart is lifted towrds Heaven. Using this book will disperse the cloud of depression and drive away the tide of sadness and despair bringing fellowship and freshness to your worship moments anytime, anyplace, anywhere as you enter into the presence of the Almighty. So let everyone that have breathe, sing!

5. 'Soar Like an Eagle' audio book - £12

The audio cd package comprises of 3 CDs listening time of 3 hours 30 minutes which has been read by the author.

4. ' Soar Like an Eagle' book - £10

Is a collection of punchy, pertinent reflections, on some of life's worst experiences. This book scratches where it itches with positive affirmations of scriptures, adding a fresh and insightful balance into God's promises. Just as the eagle continues to soar in a storm we too can soar through life's storm by exercising faith in our Heavenly Father. This is the revised version with added reflections and a topical index. It is available as hard copy and audio. Books are available to buy online at amazon, WHSmith, Waterstones & Authorhouse.

3. 'Soar Like an Eagle' old edition (£5 Only five left in stock)

The original and first edition, short of 6 devotions and the index.

2. 'He'll Do it Again' Music CD - £7

Recorded 2001, 'He'll Do It Again' is an old compilation of cover version songs such as 'He'll Do it Again,' 'God's Woman,' 'Upon This Rock,' Never Too Late,' 'what Shall I Do?' 'How Majestic is...,' 'He's Working It Out,' 'Your Grace and Mercy,' etc. originally sung by Tramaine Hawkins, Sandy Patti, Shirley Caesar, etc.

1. Audio Sermons

A whole range of uplifting sermons to inspire and encourage you on your Christian adventure. various topics include:

Prisoner of War; Oh Mary Don't You Weep!' The Battle is the Lord's, By the Rivers of Babylon, Cinderella and the Two Ugly Sisters, Don't Die in the Wilderness, Hakuna Matata, It Was by Faith, It's Not an Easy Road, It Wasn't You who Sent Me Here, Rendezvous at the Well, The Call, A Way that Seems Right, The Rod, The Good Deposit, Antidote 316, The Seat of Korah, Breaking the Silence & Tearing Off the Old Garment, You Shall See It with Your Own Eyes and Not Eat of It, Jekyll and Hyde, Breaking the Hurt - Hope in the Final Outcome, Woman Thou art Loosed, Whatever Happened to Eutychus, Two Husbands and a Wife, Why Was I Born Anyhow, I Spy with My Little eye, Something Beginning with D, Adam Where are You, Demolition Christian, Dead Man Walking, A Home on the Rock, A Diamond in God's Hand, In the Morning from Sunset to Sunrise, A Woman with A Vision of the Mission, Out of Egypt, Remember Who You are, I Did it My Way, I Choose You, Love Not the World, Hard Pressed on Every Side, There is a Name, For Such a time as This! Satan's weapon of mass destruction, ....and the Walls came tumbling Down! Worshipping at Marah, Running For Home, Sometimes Just a Crumb Will Do, Under New Management, He has already Provided - Grace, Praise in the Middle of Crises, That One Little Red Spot, Signs of the Times, Loved Beyond Measure, Ichabod: Weighing Up the Idols and the Glory, God's Final Cry of Mercy, Who has the key to your heart?, God's Purpose for Your Pain, A Woman after God's Heart, For Such A Time as This - Moving from Spectator to Key Player, From a vessel of dishonour to a vessel of Honour,  Will the Real Christian Please Stand Up, Where is the Church? etc...